Where we are

The place where the farm is located is called Tosi, and belonges to the municipality of Reggello.

By public transport:

From Santa Maria Novella station you can take the bus of SITA, direction Tosi. Schedules are available at Estimated time: just over an hour.

By car:

From Florence

You can take the via Aretina towards Pontassieve, through the municipality of Rovezzano, Compiobbi and Sieci. From there, continue towards Consuma and after the locality of Palaie on the right you can find  the detour  Pelago/Tosi. Before reaching Tosi, after crossing Pelago you will encounter Paterno and Raggioli.

Alternatively access is possible by Europe Avenue and follow the signs for Bagno a Ripoli / Pontassieve. You will cross Candeli, Vallina and then Pontassieve where, when addressing the first roundabout you must keep to the right. Continue following the directions Consumes / Pelago.

From the highway - Exit at Firenze Sud or Incisa

From Firenze Sud, follow the signs to Pontassieve, Consuma, Pelago and then Tosi (about 20 km). Once in Tosi, you'll find on your right Via della Resistenza, a parallel street to the main one, in front of the furniture store Boninsegni. When the road narrows you can park.

From Incisa, follow the signs to Vallombrosa, Donnini and then Tosi (about 20/22 km). After the various shops, opposite the furniture shop Boninsegni, you meet on your left Via della Resistanza, a parallel street to the main. When the road narrows you can park the car.

If you come from Arezzo and you prefer a hilly road, you can cross the pass of Consume, go to Vallombrosa, Pian di Melosa and coming down towards Florence, you'll find Tosi.

From Consuma you can also travel the road to Florence. Just past Diacceto, on the left you will find the signs in direction for Pelago. From there continue to Tosi.

From every direction it is highly recommended walk the last stretch of road on foot.

Continue until the sign of road background closed, keeping the right. After the pavement meets the dirt road. There are about 80 meters downhill. Alternatively we are always available to carry out the shuttle service from the country.

Last note.

The farm is surrounded by an electric fence which is turned off during the day, and activated at night, which is necessary for the protection from wild animals. There are two dogs, and therefore you can hear barking. Dogs are tame and friendly, will still kept tied whenever it is expected the arrival of guests.

Contact Us

Azienda Agricola Pasquini Tommaso
Via Biagio Milanesi 49 – Podere Porcile
50066 Tosi – Reggello (Fi)
Phone: +39 340 3147925 / +39 333 8535343
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