The Farm

The farm Pasquini is located in Tosi, a small fraction of Reggello (FI), situated on the slopes of the Vallombrosa forest. Tosi is a maze of narrow alleys, made of stone houses and steps. It is the country of the furniture makers and wood.

The farm is located in the lower area of the town, in the area called Piè Tosi, ai piedi di Tosi. The road that runs through it is very narrow and the cars always slow down when following it. This is an advantage, especially for the children who have freedom to play. When crossing the street it seems to touch a dimension of other times, where women gather together, at the end of the day and their chatter mingle with the shouts of their children having fun. It is a dimension of spontaneity and calmness that makes you feel carefree, even if you are no longer children, at least in that brief stretch of road.

After the first stretch, the road narrows and becomes a closed background. Continuing to walk down the paving ends and gravel begins, around 80 meters. The cottage before the forest is the heart of the farm. The official documentation regarding the time of the farmhouse, dating back to 1563 but it seems to have been the property of Monastery of Vallombrosa already from the previous century.

On the dry stone walls along the farm, in the floor of the yard and inside the house there are various dates recorded in the 1600 and 1700 together with the signs of the cross and the stick, symbols of San Giovanni Gualberto, patron of the Forestry Corps.
The grounds surrounding the house has more than 1400 plants including olive, cherry, plum, almond, fig, chestnut, walnut, apple and pear trees, all treated in full respect of organic agriculture. The vegetation is luxuriant and generously, it gives crops every year poetic abundance and joy of colors and flavors.

To the east side, a series of terraces with a prevalence of fruit trees, up to lick the country and one of its small squares. To the south of the state, the podere borders with a forested area. From there it winds a path that leads to a tiny and quaint village named Pagiano who was originally a mill.
The road, also marked by the Cai paths, is called the “Crocellina” (little cross), because there is a wooden cross above a stone at the beginning of the walkway.

To the west, after the last flat stretch in which there are proud olive trees further away from the house, starts a stretch of woodland bordered by the river Vicano. almost entirely walkable on foot. The river is attended by trout fishermen and represents the boundary between Reggello and Pelago. Finally, in the north side, there’s the barnyard, henhouse, rows of plum trees and a small road that leads to the farm..

In the area there is a small water spring which is an important source of wealth for the soil. Entering a little in the wooded areas that surround the fields, you can go through courses of small streams, tributaries of the nearby river Vicano. These streams, in addition to being an unquestionable asset, are very characteristic and useful for cooling off during the warmer months.

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