Night hikes


In our farm we organize trekking in the night among the paths of the farm.
You will walk the trails with the evocative lighting of the full moon, accompanied by hiking guides.
The walk promotes the perception of the intimate reality of the forest with its inhabitants and the sounds that characterize the night.
The tour is suitable for all!


Days of summer: summer camps for children

In our fresh farm on the slopes of the forest of Vallombrosa, in the months of June and July, we host boys and girls from 5 to 11 years.
From Monday to Friday the children will live in contact with nature and animals, and will be involved in games, explorations, stories and experiential workshops, artistic and environmental. If necessary activities will be conducted inside.
The time of execution is from 8.30 to 16.30, with meals provided by the canteen.
The organic snacks will be picked direclty from the fruit trees of the farm!

The Fruit on the Tree

 In our farm, located at 500 meters above sea level, on the slopes of the forest of Vallombrosa, the production of the fruit never stops, passing from one tree to another. This cycle, wich begins at the end of May, and continues along all seasons, until the end of december.

The first to ripen are cherries at the end of May, followed in June by gages, soft and sweet. In July is the time for plums, elder and pears, followed in August by the myrobalan plums and figs. In September we harvest apples, in october chestnuts, in November nuts. Finally, in December, we harvest the diosperi or khaki.

For those interested in participating with us in the magic of harvest, from June to December we welcome guests to take personally its own stock.


June 24: the feast of St. John

The Farm Pasquini organizes an evening at Tosi under the slopes of Vallobrosa.

You will gather the nuts which can then be used to make the “Nocino liqueur”. In fact, this is the perfect date for them to be gathered before 24th of June, the only time when the husks are soft and can be cut into wedges.


In July: the Fairies in the farm

This time of the year the farm is animated by a myriad of tiny lights that make every evening a magical moment: the fireflies.

For this reason we have decided to invite children who wish to greet and know these little beings that brighten summer nights. Mainly for those who, living in the city, don’t have the opportunity to attend this natural spectacle of Nature.


August's plums

The luxuriance of the farm sometimes exceeds our ability to welcome, confirming the extent of nature relative to men.

Spring is full of sun. The light and heath kiss the plants, giving the branches an incredible blossoming and consequent abundance of fruit production.

The Mirabolano plum is an ancient type of plum. Small, golden, sweet and mellow is excellent for fresh consumption but also for processing. A good friend of ours called it “monodose plum”, meaning  that the sweet taste and size, like a cherry, invite you to a great feasting. Unfortunately it is not suitable to the parameters of retail market.


Late summer day in the fields

This year we decided to honor the Summer with a party in our farm.

We invite you, therefore, to join us in Tosi, at the slopes of Vallombrosa, to spend time together without haste. Just like when we were kids and we knew to appreciate the present moment, free from worries and responsibilities.
We will welcome you in the farmyard from 10.30 am. In this occasion you can take home delicious figs, picking the fruit directly from the branches.


The Winter Garland

Let’s celebrate together the magic of Christmas creating the Winter Garland.

A northern European legend tells that embellish its door with a Garland in winter, promotes the realization of a wish.

For this reason it is recommended to hang a heart if you’re looking for more love. To shine light branches if you want greater abundance. To put the decorations of stars to increase creativity. To decorate the wreath with an angel to assist in the protection. To put a puppet to get fun and lightness, pine cones and dried fruit to achieve success, apples to develop the consistency, red berries to turn the passion, snowflakes to become a child again!


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