Price list

The jams are in jars of 212 ml, the cost is 4,00 euro. Flavours: Plums, figs, apples and chocolate, apples and cinnamon.
Olive Oil
Olive oil is sold in packages of 0,25 for 4,00 euro – 0,50lt for 6,00 euro- 1 litre for 12,00 euro

Fruit and Eggs
Cherries are 7,00 euro per Kg | Green Plums are 4,00 euro per Kg | Prunes are 3,00 euro per Kg | Cherry Plums are 2,50 euro per Kg | Figs are 4,00 euro per Kg| Pears are 2,50 europer Kg | Apples are 2,00 euro per Kg | Walnuts are 7,50 euro per Kg | Chestnusts are 5,00 euro per Kg | Persimmons are 2,50 euro per Kg

Prices are based according to the current retail organic price data and thus can be updated. All prices include VAT.

Prices are those based for sale to Collective Buying Power.

Please contact us for large quantities and needs.

Contact Us

Azienda Agricola Pasquini Tommaso
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50066 Tosi – Reggello (Fi)
Phone: +39 340 3147925 / +39 333 8535343
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