The "Vecchia Bottega"

The full range of baskets we use for the harvest are from the “Vecchia Bottega”: we take from baskets that can be use to hold two cherries to those that hold more than 20 litres.

Entering Sabrina and Serena shop is like immersing yourself in fairy tale. You can find pottery, handmade linen, straw and wicker. There is a world of delightsome furnishing details that makes you wish to pack everything you discover inside your pocket and take it to you home. In some periods of the year, its shop windows look out a dreamlike atmosphere. At Christmas time red gold and snow animate the shop like a giant music box. Every season you will find out something special, an everyday kindness and the attention of Gennai sisters.

Located in Via Aretina. 188 (tel.: 0039 055/6594820), the Vecchia Bottega more than a primary supplie, it’s a magic box inside the small town of Compiobbi.



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Azienda Agricola Pasquini Tommaso
Via Biagio Milanesi 49 – Podere Porcile
50066 Tosi – Reggello (Fi)
Phone: +39 340 3147925 / +39 333 8535343
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