About Us

We are two people who feel guests and not owners of the land we live in. Our work is a collaborative process with fields and plants that follows the rhythm of the seasons.

We are deeply grateful for all the things the Earth gives us, year after year.

There is a bond of joy and freedom between us and our animals and the greenery that surrounds us. A subtle and elusive relationship, totally perceptible in our activities, in our attitudes and in the products of our work. It´s something that you found when we know each other, share with us a part of the day, getting involved in our everyday, asking questions, picking fruit or vegetables and breathing the profound peace that this place exudes.

The Farm was born from a need for Life, from personal choices that have tried to be sustained, by the need to exist in a simple way, in accordance with the nature and its rules.

We warm up using wood in winter. In the summer we sleep outdoors, in contact with deer and awakened by the rooster. We feed of our products, we always try to get the most out of each material. We continue to pursue every year the Beauty that this place expresses.

A process started in 2003 with the brush cutter in a operation throughout the summer to free plants from thorns.

Today you can see the fields so clean that looks like a garden. The hens and geese are free to move around and peck where they see fit. The white roads of gravel and the garden are protected by the nightly raids of porcupines, wild boars and deer.

Farmyard, in general, is the first moment of reception. Large stones and paved streets that remain cool even with the summer heat, where you can greet the sunset with a glass of wine in your hand, surrounded by the scent of flowers.


Contact Us

Azienda Agricola Pasquini Tommaso
Via Biagio Milanesi 49 – Podere Porcile
50066 Tosi – Reggello (Fi)
Phone: +39 340 3147925 / +39 333 8535343
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